Why having a second pair of glasses is always a good idea

Having a second pair of glasses may seem like an extravagance, until you find yourself in the position when you need them.


Glasses get lost, break, and can be easily misplaced and looking for your glasses might be exactly when you need them most! 


If you have ever been without your glasses for a period of time, then you will know how handy a second pair would have been.


Accidental damage can happen easily


We all know that feeling when we sit down and hear the familiar sound of something breaking, hoping it is anything other than our glasses, something none of us planned for but this doesn’t mean it does not happen! Whilst we collect the remains of our now broken glasses…


This would be the ideal time to have a spare pair of glasses with your prescription.

Glasses can be easy to misplaced


You took your glasses off to clean them and got distracted, popped your glasses down and they don’t seem to know where you left them. Human nature means sometimes we place items in what we believe is a safe or logical place but this isn’t always the case!


It can be easy to lose your glasses, just think how much time you have spent looking for them. Glasses are a small item which we tend to take on and off so it can be easy to misplace them. If you don’t want to struggle until you find them or lose time looking for them you can book an appointment to buy your second pair of glasses today!



Accidental damage can happen


Glasses for sports are more durable


If you play sports but you have picked a more delicate pair of glasses it’s always a good idea to have a second one made of more durable materials. Delicate glasses can get damaged more easily, especially when playing sports and are more likely to cause an eye injury. So if you’re a sports player you may want to consider contact lenses as your second pair.


You’ll receive a half price discount on your initial payment of three months when you sign up to Lensplan, or your first purchase of pay as you go contact lenses, up to a three month supply. Terms and conditions and further details can be found here.


Near vision becomes weaker with age


Many activities including reading, using computers and mobile phones, and craftwork, all require our ability to closely focus on the finer details. As we become older, our near-sighted vision slowly becomes weaker, a condition that professionals refer to as presbyopia.


Having a spare pair of glasses you can keep in your handbag or car, means you’re always well prepared for any eventuality.


Near vision becomes weaker with age


Having a second pair of glasses may be cheaper than you think


You may think that having a second pair of glasses is expensive, however, it is often cheaper than you might think. Purchase any pair of glasses from us and you can choose a second pair, including prescription sunglasses for half the price. With eye-catching styles starting from £50, you can get two pairs from £75. 


Terms and conditions apply and find further details here.



Don’t stay a moment without your glasses


You never know when you’ll need your second pair of glasses. And unlike other damages it’s never easy to be left without them especially if your prescription needs time to be manufactured. That’s why having a backup pair is always useful.

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