Hair Colour

Hair Colour

Hair Colour

Hair colour can be a helpful guide when deciding on your perfect pair of glasses. Below are a few things to bear in mind when choosing your frames.

Blonde/ light brown

To add depth and warmth to your face, we suggest browns, golds and tortoise shell. Lucky for you, these colours are staples in almost all frame collections we stock, including our core M&S range which gives you excellent choices for even better prices.

Dark brown/black

You're blessed that your hair colour will suit almost any frame colour. So, why not push the boat out and go for that daring red or vibrant green frame to really stand out from the crowd.


Coppers, golds and browns are your best friend. You have the perfect colouring to complement these warm, earthy tones and they will provide depth and consistency to your style.


Go all out and opt for something a little brighter. The only thing we suggest you stay away from is browns and yellows, they have the tendency to distract from your gorgeous grey locks.

If you need more help and advice with your frame choice, pop along to your nearest M&S Opticians store. Our expert team will be on hand to help you decide the perfect frame to suit your style


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