Your M&S Eye Test

Your M&S Eye Test

Your M&S Eye Test

You’ve arrived in store for your eye test. What happens next?

All of our eye tests are designed to check not only your vision but the overall health of your eyes, which allows us to detect any potential health issues that may need further investigation.

Your eye test will be conducted by one of our fully qualified Optometrists and will involve the following set of checks and examinations:


Prior to your main eye examination, the M&S Opticians team will take you through a few different screening tests including an OCT scan and visual fields test, which allow us to measure the retina at the back of your eye and your peripheral vision.

The results of these tests are passed onto the Optometrist when you have your eye exam.

If you are over 40 years old, you will also be invited to have a hearing screening and advised if there are any issues you should be aware of.


Your M&S Eye Test


Eye Examination

The optometrist will discuss your background and any previous health issues, plus feedback from the screening tests.

During the eye exam we will check your vision and the health of the eye, including the back of the eye. The results of the exam will be fully explained and any recommendations and options will be given to you.



Your Child's M&S eye test

Kids eyecare

All under 16s and under 19s in full time education are entitled to a free NHS eye test, so make sure you stay on top of your children’s eye health.

To test children’s eyes they do not need to be able to read, write or talk. We have specially designed charts to carry out a children’s eye test. We recommend that all children should have an eye test before they go into full time education.

Our in store optometrist will ensure your child's eye examination is easy, smooth and as enjoyable as possible, as we know children can be apprehensive when having an eye test. A vision assessment, eye muscle balance tests and a health check will all be carried out. If it is your child’s first eye test, then 3D vision and colour vision will also be checked.

The Optometrist will then discuss with you the outcomes of the examination and recommend any products, glasses or lifestyle changes. Your Optometrist will also issue you with a copy of their prescription and recommend when your child comes back for their next eye examination.

If your child does have a prescription, they will qualify for an NHS optical voucher which will contribute towards the cost of their glasses. At M&S Opticians, you can use this voucher to get free glasses from our £50 kids range – or to discount our other ranges by £50 and pay the different.



Give your hearing the care it deserves


If you have noticed any changes in your hearing quality or clarity, no matter how slight they may seem, visit your local M&S Opticians for your free hearing health check.


Your free consultation will ensure your hearing health is the best that it can be.


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