How To Put Contact Lenses In

How To Put Contact Lenses In

How to put contact lenses in

Once you get the hang of it, putting in and taking out contact lenses is easy. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you navigate any first-time fears or to refresh your memory if you haven’t worn contact lenses in a while.

Putting contact lenses in:

  1. Make sure you’ve got everything you need; antibacterial soap, contact lenses, solution, mirror (in a well-lit area) and a clean, lint-free towel
  2. If you haven’t used your contact lenses in a while, be sure to check the expiry date before you use them
  3. Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly using your clean towel. Make sure no water comes into contact with your lens case or contact lenses, as this could cause an eye infection (which is also why you shouldn’t shower in contact lenses or wear them when swimming)
  4. Make sure your mirror is in an easy to use position, in a well-lit room
  5. Don’t rush yourself. Remove only one lens at a time. If you have different prescriptions in each lens, make sure they’re clearly labelled with an L and R, so you know which-is-which
  6. When you take your lens out of the case/packaging, place it on your index finger and check it’s the right way around. If there’s a lip, you may need to gently turn it inside out. Also check for any tears or debris
  7. Now it’s time to pop your contacts in. Tilt your chin up slightly and using your other index finger lift your upper eyelid. Use your middle finger (on the hand with the contact lens) to pull down your lower lid. This should help with the urge to blink
  8. Whilst looking in the mirror, bring the lens towards the centre of the eye. You shouldn’t have to press it into place, it should find its position on its own
  9. Once it’s in the right position, look left and right and gently blink a few times too. This should remove any air bubbles that might be trapped
  10. Then do the same thing for the other eye

If you’re still finding it a struggle, you can call your nearest store and book a free contact lens assessment. Our experienced team can guide you through the process.  


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