Lensplan At M&S Opticians

Lensplan At M&S Opticians

Lensplan at M&S Opticians

Lensplan is our direct debit scheme designed to make wearing contact lenses completely hassle-free and bespoke to your optical needs. With this scheme you’ll not only get contact lenses delivered straight to your door, eliminating the need to re-order, included are all your aftercare appointments and exclusive offers on our entire glasses and sunglasses range, including our designers.


Personalised packages

Just like your prescription, your contact lens needs will be bespoke to you. This is why we take the time to develop a plan that will be suited to you and your lifestyle. Whether you’re a full time contact lens wearer or only use contact lenses for exercise and days out, we have a range of packages to suit your needs, including ’weekend’ and ‘everyday’ wear.


Aftercare service 

Everyone who is signed up to Lensplan is entitled to ongoing expert advice and specialist aftercare. Plus, the cost of all of your aftercare appointments is included in your Lensplan scheme. 

Your aftercare programme will be designed to your specific requirements by your Optician. You’ll have regular appointments to check the overall health of your eyes, your range of vision and to ensure that the contact lenses you’re using are still the best option for you. 


How do I join Lensplan at M&S Opticians?

Simply contact your nearest M&S Opticians and book an appointment with our Contact Lens Optician. Alternatively, if you’re still undecided about making the switch to contact lenses why not try our free contact lens assessment. Find out more information about all of your options by calling your nearest store.


Sunglasses from £89

Looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses at an affordable price? We have got you covered.

Our M&S Sunglasses Collection offers over 40 different styles, in a variety of tint shades, from only £89 including single vision lenses.


To take advantage of the offer visit your nearest M&S Opticians store.