Caring For Your Contact Lenses

Caring For Your Contact Lenses

Caring for your contact lenses

If you wear monthly contact lenses, you’ll need to keep them clean; to reduce your risk of eye infections.


Things you’ll need:

  • Contact lens case
  • Contact lens solution – your Contact Lens Optician will let you know which solution is recommended. Read and follow the instructions to make sure you’re doing everything correctly
  • A safe place to store your contact lenses. We’d advise storing them somewhere other than the bathroom, as there’s a risk you’re exposing your contact lenses to water or moisture

Cleaning your contact lens case

  • You should change the solution in your case every day. This prevents any build-up of cosmetics and debris and keeps your risk of eye irritations and infections low
  • Never use water to clean your case. Although it’s safe to drink, it contains bacteria that can cause eye infections
  • Use fresh contact lens solution to rinse the case, but make sure you check the instructions – as different solutions need to be used in different ways
  • Air dry between use. As you empty out the solution, leave the case upside down with the caps off
  • Change your case every 3 months. This helps to prevent eye infections

Top tips from our Contact Lens Opticians

  • Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your contact lenses. It’s surprising how much dirt/debris can pass onto your lenses
  • It’s best to put your contact lenses in before you do your makeup, you’ll have less transfer onto your lenses and you’ll be able to see what you’re doing better!
  • Never swim or shower in your contact lenses as there’s a risk of eye infection

What to do if you drop your lenses

  • Place your contact lens in the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of contact lens solution and gently rub the solution over the lens
  • Check for any damage – if you do find any tears, dispose of the lens and use a new one
  • Even when you’re out and about, it’s best to carry a pair of glasses with you when wearing contact lenses – for those ‘what if’ moments. Then if you lose a lens, you can pop on your glasses until you get home


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