Your M&S Hearing Test

Your M&S Hearing Test

Your M&S Hearing Test

We have two types of hearing tests; a hearing screening and a full hearing assessment.

Hearing Screening
We recommend an annual hearing screening for anyone over 60 and every two years for anyone over 40.

This is a quick and simple test to gauge your levels of hearing. We will simply play you a series of sounds at different frequencies to understand if you have any hearing impairment. If the results suggest you may have a hearing loss, we will undertake a full hearing assessment for further investigation.

Hearing Assessment
This is a more thorough investigation of your overall hearing health to understand what changes have occurred in your hearing and what we can do to address your hearing loss.

It's a good idea to bring a friend or family member to this appointment, as a familiar voice is a useful reference during your hearing assessment.

Below is a brief outline of what to expect during the appointment.

Initial discussion
Our Hearing Aid Audiologist will discuss your general health and any specific hearing problems you may be experiencing. They will also talk to you about your lifestyle to understand where your hearing loss is impacting you most.

Checking the health of the ears (Otoscopy)

The Hearing Aid Audiologist will first check the overall health of the ears using an Otoscope, to ensure that there are no blockages (from wax) or abnormalities in the outer ear causing the hearing loss. If we find any issues at this stage, the Hearing Aid Audiologist will refer you to your GP for further investigation.

Check your level of hearing (Audiometry)

We will then check your level of hearing using an audiometer. This plays a series of sounds at various volumes and frequencies to determine the type of hearing loss you have.

Your results
The Hearing Aid Audiologist will clearly explain the results of the test to you and the solutions that will help with your level of hearing loss.

At this point the Hearing Aid Audiologist may fit a hearing aid to demonstrate the difference they can make.

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