Types of Lenses

Types of Lenses

Types of lenses

Our lens range is expertly designed to give you high-quality choices at every price point. You can choose from our fantastic range of M&S lenses or from leading brands such as Nikon and Zeiss. You’ll also be able to adapt and upgrade your lenses based on your individual needs and preferences.

However, one of the most important choices will be the type of lens, which is largely dependent on your prescription.  Find out more about each lens type below.

Single Vision 

Single vision lenses are just one prescription across the whole lens. This lens is typically for those who are short or long-sighted, and need glasses for driving and watching the TV or reading and working at a computer. 

All of our frames at M&S Opticians come with standard single vision lenses included for free.  


Varifocal lenses combine more than one prescription into one lens to allow the wearer to see at any distance. 

Varifocals work by combining your distance and reading prescriptions on a gradient from the top of the lens to the bottom. The benefit of varifocals is that you only need one pair of glasses, even if you have multiple prescriptions.

Flexible readers 

Flexible readers work in a similar way to varifocals. They allow the wearer to look up from reading or a close activity and still be able to see clearly at intermediate distances, such as a computer.



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