At M&S Opticians, we can help you find the contact lens and wearing regime to suit your prescription, lifestyle, and budget. From daily disposables to those made for continuous wear, our team of Contact Lens Opticians will always be happy to guide you through the options.

No matter your prescription, we’ll have the pair to suit your needs. To ensure quality we source our range of contact lenses from the world’s leading manufacturers. See below all of the contact lens manufacturers you can find at M&S Opticians.



Acuvue Logo


For Acuvue every eye is different. As one of the leading contact lenses manufacturer, Acuvue aims to meet each eye's unique needs with the innovative EYE-INSPIRED™ INNOVATIONS2 technology designed to work in harmony with your eyes for a more comfortable feel.

Comfort is key for Acuvue which brings you contact lenses with the ability to withstand long digital days and active lifestyles alike. Both their ability to allow in oxygen and their patented wetting technology, help them deliver their goal of optimal comfort to all.


Alcon Logo


Alcon is dedicated to ‘helping people see brilliantly’. With a long history of industry firsts, the company operates in over 60 countries and supply to more than double that, making them the largest eye care device company in the world.

As one of the largest manufacturers of contact lenses and lens care products Alcon offers a broad range of contact lenses and a comprehensive range of eye health products. Due to their desire to lead the world in developing life-changing vision and eye products, they fund research and development year after year. This has seen them be a top innovator in the market and continue to meet and exceed customer needs.

CooperVision Logo


CooperVision have changed the face of what contact lenses can do. Their groundbreaking delivery of contact lenses proven to slow down the progression of myopia in children is one of many innovations that help to bring more benefits to contact lens wearers.

They are a trusted global leader who has improved the vision of millions with lens designs like Digital Zone Optics® specifically tailored for those who spend more time in front of a screen. They continue their mission to help the world see better through their operational excellence and scientific innovation.

Menicon Logo


Founded by Mr Kyoichi Tanka in 1951, Menicon has grown to be Japan’s first and largest contact lens manufacturer. Menicon pride themselves on always putting the eye health of their customers at the forefront of their business.

In fact, they are the only manufacturer in the world that is dedicated to all areas of contact lens-related business, from material development to care solutions. Their thorough dedication helps them towards their goal – to deliver safe contact lenses worldwide.



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