Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids

With the help of the latest technology you can now enjoy continuous and uninterrupted use of your hearing aids throughout your day. Our range of rechargeable hearing aids take the hassle out of replacing batteries every few days. We also offer hearing aids that connect directly to your mobile phone, meaning you can take calls or stream music directly through your hearing aids, giving you better sound quality with less distracting background noises.

Thanks to the innovations of hearing aid technology, some hearing aids now have A.I. For example, the Personal Assistant function will answer questions with just a tap or give reminders for birthdays or regular daily events. They also come with health features that can track your physical activity and cognitive health and even detect falls and alert a pre-chosen family member.

We understand that buying a hearing aid is a big decision. We offer a full range of hearing aid styles, with different technical features and benefits. All of our hearing aids come with 2 year’s warranty and a lifetime of aftercare, provided by our expert audiology team at no additional charge.



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