Satisfaction Guarantee – For total peace of mind

At M&S Opticians, we want you to experience the best from your hearing aids so you can benefit from better hearing, which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee.


Lifetime of Aftercare

Our hearing aid audiologists are on hand to make sure your hearing aids are working to the best of their ability via regular aftercare appointments for the lifetime of the hearing aids. This gives us the opportunity to monitor your hearing and adjust your hearing aids accordingly. Plus, every hearing aid from our first choice range comes with Essential Care included in the price of your hearing aids for the first two years* so you can keep your hearing aids clean and ensure they can operate via charger/batteries.


60-day satisfaction guarantee

If you have any concerns following the fitting of your hearing aids, we will ensure your hearing aid audiologist spends time with you to resolve any individual issues. If for any reason you are still not completely satisfied, we offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee** from the date of fitting so you can get a refund.


24 months warranty

All our hearing aids* come with 24 months warranty, against the unlikely event of manufacturing defects, from the date of purchase.

* Excludes Easyfit models. ** The hearing aids must be returned to your hearing aid audiologist in the same condition they were sold with all packaging and accessories intact.



The Difference is clear 

Give your hearing the care it deserves


If you have noticed any changes in your hearing quality or clarity, no matter how slight they may seem, visit your local M&S Opticians for your free hearing health check.


Your free consultation will ensure your hearing health is the best that it can.


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