How to Buy Glasses Online

How to Buy Glasses Online

Buying your glasses online may seem like a daunting task but don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you to have stylish, well-fitting frames delivered straight to your doorstep.

You’ll need a few things to hand for a smooth process:

  • A recent prescription

Your eye health is our top priority so a prescription from an eye test within the last two years is needed to buy your glasses online. You can use any optician’s prescription, or if you are unsure you can phone the optician of your most recent eye test to ask for it.

  • Know what type of glasses you need

We are only able to offer single vision glasses online – distance or reading. If you require varifocal lenses you will need to visit one of our stores.

  • A pair of glasses that fit you comfortably

You can use a pair of glasses that fit well to compare frame measurements provided on all our frames. They will also be useful for measuring your side length (explained later in the process) to make sure your new glasses fit great straight out of the box. A ruler will also be needed to do this.

  • An M&S Opticians account

You can freely browse our glasses without an account but you will need to create one during the checkout process to purchase your glasses.

  • A webcam

This is optional but our virtual try on allows you to see all of the glasses on your face. If you’ve ever had to try on pair after pair of glasses to find the right ones you will love this. See yourself in hundreds of frames in just a few seconds.

  • A credit card (or any card of that size)

Our virtual try on will ask you to hold a card to your forehead to accurately assess the dimensions of your face and make sure the frames we show you accurately represent how they will look.

For more information on how to use our Virtual try on click here.

We’ve tried to make sure the process is as simple as possible to make your experience easy, but if you need a little extra support have a read of our walkthrough below to guide you through all of the stages. 


Finding your frames:

The best place to begin is by heading to the glasses page. After navigating there, you can filter your preferences from a range of categories including: Gender, brand, colour, price, type and style.

When you have clicked a pair of glasses, you will see we have the frame measurements, informing you of all the different lengths such as lens diameter and height. Do you have an old pair of glasses that fit great? Measure them and compare to be sure your new ones will be just as perfect.

We have a small number of frames only available in store – to avoid disappointment when browsing specifically for online shopping, you can filter under the heading ‘Available’ and click ‘buy online’.  

We know choosing your glasses can be a difficult decision, so if you need some extra time to decide, be sure to add your favourites to your wish list. You can do this by clicking the heart next to the name of the glasses. (Or in the top right corner of the image if you are viewing them full screen).

To get to your wish list, just click the heart at the top right of the screen, next to the basket. Here you have the option to edit your wish list but also to share it. Enter any email addresses and send to your friends and family for their opinion. You might be surprised by how well they know your style.


I’ve found a frame I like – what next?

You’ve found your frame, wonderful! Now it’s time to make sure you’re lenses are just right. To start this process click ‘Buy now’ which will take you through a process of entering your requirements.

Firstly, you will select either distance or reading glasses, as you will see throughout the process, there are ‘i’ icons wherever we feel an explanation is required so when you click those you will see a little pop up to give you some extra detail.

Now you’ll be at the stage your prescription is required. Again, you’ll be able to click the more information buttons; which explain all of the different values required. Take a look at your prescription and you should see the corresponding values to enter in the drop downs.

As long as the eye test date you entered is within the last two years you’ll be able to continue. Now you’ll get to select your lens type. We recommend considering our ‘Premium thin’ or ‘Premium thinner’ lenses if you have a high prescription, as the standard lens can appear a lot thicker. It’s also worth noting that all our premium lenses are scratch resistant, helping them to remain in perfect condition for longer. In addition, the anti-reflective and blue filter coatings mean you can make the most of your glasses in any situation.

Now, you’ll be asked to select your lens colour, if you’re looking for normal glasses you can just select ‘clear’. However, you also have the option to have prescription sunglasses so you have choices of green, grey or brown lenses too. All our tinted lenses offer full UV protection so can be the perfect way to create your own unique sunglasses.

Finally, we’ll ask you to enter your glasses ‘side length’ in mm. You can follow the step by step guide by clicking the information button. After this, simply check the box to confirm you have entered all the correct information and are happy to proceed and add to basket.

Well done! They’re now in your basket ready to go. Need more than one pair? Repeat the process with your next pair and they’ll be waiting in your basket for you.


Time to buy

Frames are in the basket and ready to go. Time to buy! Start by checking your basket to make sure only the frames you want to buy are in there and that the quantity is correct. You’re also able to double check your prescription and all other selections so it’s a great time to take a moment to double check that you are happy with these.

Something not quite right? No need to start again – you can click the pencil icon to edit your choices, it will take you back through the process but with many of your details saved – just change what you need and click continue to return to your basket.

Here is also the opportunity to apply any discount code if you have one, you will be told if your code has been accepted and your total price will reflect any discount applied.

Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and if you haven’t already, you will be asked to create an account which requires your name, email, phone number and address. The great part is that once you have created this, your details will be remembered making the whole process quicker next time.

Following this you will need to enter your payment method. Your billing address is auto filled if it is the same as your delivery, but if you need to change it then just deselect the box ‘My billing and delivery address are the same’ and it will allow you to enter your billing address.

We have a number of payment options including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. Simply enter your card details as requested and click ‘Place Order’. You should now be greeted with a confirmation screen letting your know your order number and confirming you shall also receive an email with tracking information.

If you have any questions about an order you have placed please contact [email protected]


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