How To Take Out Contact Lenses

How To Take Out Contact Lenses


So you’ve learnt how to put in your lenses and now you’re probably wondering how to take them out. Lucky for you, our expert opticians have put together an easy step-by-step guide to help you figure out how to get them out of your eyes.  Once you get the hang of it, putting in and taking out contact lenses is easy.


How to take out contact lenses in 7 easy steps

1. Make sure you have everything you need 

Before taking your contact lenses out, you will need a few essentials including antibacterial soap, solution, a mirror (in a well-lit area), and a clean, lint-free towel. If you use reusable lenses, such as monthly contact lenses, make sure your lens case is within easy reach.


2. Wash your hands

Just like you did when you put your contact lenses in, you need to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and dry your hands thoroughly with a lint-free towel


3. Stand in front of your mirror

Position yourself in front of your mirror and check that the contact lens is still in place over the coloured part of your eye.


4. Hold your upper and lower eyelids 

Using your index finger, lift your upper lid and hold it in place. Using the middle finger of the other hand pull the lower lid down


5. Look up and slide the lens down

Look up and slide the lens down. Place your index finger onto the contact lenses and slide the lens down to the white of your eyes and gently pinch it out of the eye.


6. Discard or clean your contact lenses

Depending on the contact lenses you use you need to discard them or clean them and store them. So, if you wear daily disposables you can -  but if your contacts are reusable, add a couple of drops of your lens solutions to disinfect them and store them in a closed lens case. 

Remember, don’t use tap water as it contains bacteria that can infect the eye, and learn more on how to care for your contact lenses.


7. Do the same for the other eye

Do the same for the other eye, then grab your glasses and you’re good to go!

Taking out contact lenses is easier than you think. But, if it’s still a bit of a struggle, you can call your nearest M&S optician store to book a free contact lens assessment. Our team is always happy to help, as we are able to easily guide you through the process.


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