Try Contact Lenses With Us

Try Contact Lenses With Us


Contact lenses offer great flexibility and convenience to your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to wear contact lenses full-time or just for playing sport or going out, we’re here to help get you started. It’s simple and easy - our free contact lens trial will ensure you’re comfortable and wearing the best lenses for your vision and your lifestyle.

What’s included in the free contact lens assessment

If you have decided to try contact lenses, we will book you in for a FREE contact lens assessment, where you’ll be able to experience how contact lenses feel. 

The assessment is simple and will fly by - first, our Opticians need to check your eyes to make sure you can wear contact lenses. Then they will help you choose lenses depending on your lifestyle and will carefully place them into your eyes ensuring they’re comfortable. 

If you’re happy and want to continue wearing contact lenses, our experts will show you how to safely put intake out and store your new lenses. If you have any questions or concerns they will be happy to answer them and advise you. You’ll also be given a small supply to try at home, while we order your contact lenses.

If you have decided to order contact lenses

When you come to purchase contact lenses with us, there are two options. You can purchase our Pay-As-You-Go option or sign up to our contact lens subscription, Lensplan, which is paid via direct debit. 

As a member of Lensplan, you will enjoy additional benefits including aftercare appointments. Contact lenses will be delivered directly to your home, plus you'll receive exclusive discounts on glasses and sunglasses. 

If you are unsure what’s best for you, our Opticians will be able to run through your options with you and help you choose the right scheme for your needs.

For more information, you can read all about our contact lens subscription scheme here.

How to book your free contact lenses trial and assessment

If you haven’t had an eye test recently, we’ll need to check your eyes to make sure you have the right prescription for your contact lenses, so you will need to book an eye exam first. If you’ve had an eye exam in the past year you can book a free contact lens assessment right away. In any case, simply call your nearest M&S Opticians to book an appointment today.

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Free Contact Lens Assessment

Have you considered trying contact lenses?


Whether you've taken up a new sport, would like to wear them on evenings out or simply want to have an alternative to glasses, we can help. 


Call your nearest store to book your assessment and discover the freedom of contact lenses.

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