Caring for Your Hearing Aids

Caring for Your Hearing Aids

Taking care of your hearing aids

Your hearing aids are your key to the world around you, so it's important that you always clean and maintain them to avoid any issues. Hearing aids are constantly exposed to dirt, so taking care of your hearing aids with regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that they deliver the clearest sound possible. Read on below for everything you need to know about cleaning and maintenance. 


Cleaning your hearing aids

Hearing aids can be sensitive, so it’s important to be careful while cleaning. Here are some general cleaning tips for your hearing aids:

  • Handle your hearing aids carefully, putting them on a towel or cloth when you clean them
  • To remove any debris, wipe your hearing aids with a damp cloth or use a soft brush to gently remove build-up
  • Don't use sharp objects around the microphone or receiver ports
  • The part of the hearing aid which sits in your ear is exposed to wax and can become blocked. Cleaning or changing the wax guard regularly keeps your hearing aids working well
  • The ear canal is a warm, moist environment and when you're wearing your hearing aid all day, moisture can get into the working parts. Drying out boxes can help to prevent moisture build up, so if you feel moisture could be an issue, please speak to your Hearing Aid Audiologist


Hearing aid maintenance care top tips

Maintaining your hearing aids is the key to keeping them working well. Here are 8 hearing aid maintenance top tips you should know:

  1. If you use hairspray, do your hair before putting your hearing aids in. As hairspray can clog up hearing aids
  2. Although hearing aids are often water resistant, they're not waterproof. So take them out when you go swimming, shower or go in the sauna
  3. Take them out before you have an X-ray, MRI or CT scan
  4. Turn your hearing aid off when you take them out, either by opening the battery door or putting them in their charger
  5. Check your hearing aids regularly to see if they need cleaning. Do not use anything sharp to remove wax from them
  6. Always put your hearing aids in their storage box if you're not using them
  7. Keep your hearing aids out of the reach of young children and animals
  8. Do not leave your hearing aids in extremely hot or cold places


Give your hearing the care it deserves


If you have noticed any changes in your hearing quality or clarity, no matter how slight they may seem, visit your local M&S Opticians for your free hearing health check.


Your free consultation will ensure your hearing health is the best that it can be.


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