Why contact lenses?

If you’re considering trying contact lenses but you are worried they won’t be comfortable, we’re here to help you. With the recent advances in eyewear technology, contact lenses today are far more comfortable than before.  Read below to discover which factors determine comfort and how to choose the right ones for you.

Are contact lenses comfortable?

The short answer is yes; contact lenses are comfortable.

Contact lenses offer 360-degree vision, giving you a more complete vision than glasses. They also give you the freedom to play sports; they aren’t affected by cold weather, which can cause glasses to fog up, and there is no concern about dropping or breaking them while you play.


Can anyone wear contact lenses?

Although not everyone who needs glasses wants to wear contacts, nine out of ten people who want to can do so. Today, almost everyone can benefit from using contact lenses.

Most vision problems can be addressed with contact lenses, and developments in lens materials and solutions have made it easier and more comfortable to wear contact lenses than ever before.

Can anyone wear contact lenses?

Which are the factors that affect the comfort of contact lenses?

Discomfort should not be a reason for contact lens dropout. If you’ve tried contact lenses before and felt uncomfortable, then you’ve probably tried the wrong ones. There are different types of contact lenses, so before you try on new ones, you should assess some important factors:


1. Eye conditions

Just like with glasses, there are different lenses for different vision problems. For example, for myopia you need contact lenses that diverge light correctly and reduce the eye’s focusing power, while for presbyopia you will need special bifocal and multifocal contact lenses.


2. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is always a decisive factor. Before your contact lens trial, your Optometrist will ask you a few questions to determine which type is best for you. They will ask about your hobbies, your occupation, whether you have vision fluctuations and how much time you spent in front of a screen.



3. Occupational hazard

Another factor to consider is occupation. Some people may work in a low humidity environment, others are exposed to dust and dirt, and many spend hours in front of a computer screen. Spending too many hours staring at a screen can cause eye strain and dry eyes as we tend to blink less while staring at the blue light making eyes harder to focus.


4. Allergies

Contact lens discomfort can stem from allergies such as the common hay fever. Your Optometrist will advise you on which contact lenses are best for you and help you with the proper course of treatment. You can find top tips on looking after your eyes during allergy season in our blog top tips for spring eye health.


What are the most comfortable contact lenses for dry eyes?

For people that suffer regularly or all the time with dry eyes, comfort when wearing contact lenses is extremely important.

Lenses made from silicone hydrogel allow oxygen to permeate through the lens to the cornea more than other types of contact lenses.


What contact lenses are the most comfortable for sensitive eyes?

For those that suffer from sensitive eyes, it can be a case of seeing what works for them. They can try rigid gas-permeable (hard) contact lenses, soft contact lenses and silicone hydrogel lenses to find the most comfortable option.


What contact lenses are the most comfortable for astigmatism?

A common vision condition, astigmatism is an eye condition that is caused by improper curvature of the cornea, the retina, or the lens. The result of this is blurred vision.

These days, many of the leading contact lens manufacturers create contacts specifically for astigmatism. It’s now possible to choose different lenses to fit in with different wear schedules, including daily wear, monthly disposable contact lenses, or extended wear lenses.

Astigmatism is correctable by using soft toric or multifocal toric contact lenses. The toric lenses that are most suitable for you - the most comfortable ones will depend on how long and how often you need to wear the lens. There is an array of options to suit all lifestyle needs.

Contact Lenses


How to maintain comfort

Contact lens care is essential for keeping your eyes healthy. Based on the lenses you have chosen you might need a different care routine. You can find more in our comprehensive contact lenses care guide and discuss this with your Optometrist.

If you are ready to discover the flexibility and comfort of contact lenses, then you can book a free contact lens assessment with our expert Optometrists. Find the nearest M&S Opticians store and one of our experts will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.