6 Tops tips for spring eye health

6 Tops tips for spring eye health

Spring is with us once again bringing with it a return of florals, pastels…. and allergens! Here are our top tips for taking care of your eye health this spring!

1. Stay up to date with your eye tests

Our first and arguably most important tip is to book your eye test! Spring allergies can be disruptive to eyes, causing them to become itchy, watery or irritated by pollen.

Common eye conditions such Blepharitis which causes the eyelids to become red, itchy and swollen can become more difficult to manage in the warmer months.

Those who suffer with Dry Eyes often experience stinging or itchy eyes, but this can be exaggerated in the summer months as irritants are all around!

Our opticians can work with you to find the best solutions (no pun intended) to soothe your eyes this summer, we are here to help!

We recommend eye tests every two years but you can always book in with an optician with spring approaching for preventative measures such as eye drops, new glasses or sunglasses.

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2. Protect your eyes

Much like how we wear SPF to protect our skin all year round, the same is required for our eyes.

Even if the sun isn’t shining harmful UV rays reflect off surfaces such as water, snow and off the ground.

Wearing sunglasses with UV protection built in will protect eyes against damaging UV rays.

If you wear prescription glasses, you should consider adding tints to any of your pairs. A lens upgrade with tints can protect your eyes from harmful UV, increase comfort, and enhance your vision.



3. Staying protected doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish too!

Oversized glasses and sunglasses are a great choice this Spring and Summer - or any time of the year in our opinion!  This season we see warm toned metals and oversized frames in style. Oversized glasses and sunglasses are a great way to protect more of your eyes and the sensitive skin surrounding them, keeping your eyes protected and you looking stunning!

Here are some of our favourites!

Hugo Boss glasses M&S Opticians Sunglasses
M&S Opticians glasses M&S Opticians Sunglasses


4. Wash your hands

This may sound like an unusual one, touching surfaces and then touching your face or rubbing your eyes can transfer allergens. Excessive rubbing of your eyes can also create scratches or damage to your cornea.

Washing your hands more frequently can help to alleviate this as it removes any allergens you may have unknowingly picked up.

TOP TIP: If you are out on the move, consider a rinse free hand wash or hand sanitiser to keep your hands cleans on the go, please be mindful not to use this if you have contact lenses.

Wash your hands


5. Eat a balanced diet

Diet plays a key part in the health of eyes, food provides key nutrients required to support eye health.

There are specific foods that will benefit eye health such as fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids like tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines. Poultry and lean meats high in Zinc are beneficial for both eye and skin health, plus dark leafy green vegetables, seeds, beans and legumes all support eye health too.

You can find out more about eating well for your eyes here.

Eat healthy

6. Drink plenty of water

We all know that drinking water is so important for our overall health.

Symptoms of dehydration can affect your energy levels, cause headaches, fatigue and dull skin but did you know it can also affect your eye sight?

When you are dehydrated your eyes limit the production of tears and are therefore not correctly lubricated, this can lead to vision problems, dry eye and in some instances eye strain.

TOP TIP: If you struggle to drink your daily water recommendation, why not add fruit such as lemons, cucumber, strawberry or mint!

Drink Water

We hope you have enjoyed our top tips to keep your eyes feeling fabulous this Spring. Make sure to find your nearest store and book an appointment online if you’re due your next eye test.