June 2022: Our summer hot list

Summer is here and it has brought exciting new trends with it! At M&S Opticians, we keep on top of the latest trends, so you can shop fashionable styles all year round.

Whether you’re looking for work glasses, sunglasses or festival glasses we have something for you! If you are heading to a festival this summer make sure you also check out our blog for keeping your eyes and ears safe at a festival.

We’ve put together a guide on the top shapes, colours and trends for the season to help you get inspired to create your summer collection!

Summer shapes

There are some glasses styles we see emerge every summer, such as aviator glasses, a classic shape popular in Rayban sunglasses. But this season we are also seeing the return of many other popular trends; geometrical, oversized and cat-eye glasses are all the rave! Dial down the dramatic shapes with transparent frames or dial up the drama some more with bold colourful rims for a trendsetting look.

1. Cat Eye Glasses



Channel your inner Hepburn and her iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look. Cat eye glasses effortlessly contour the face adding dramatic angles and creating an alluring silhouette. For a modern take on the vintage style try out these glasses to add a statement frame to your collection.

Shop cat eye glasses Shop cat eye glasses

2. Vintage, Large Round Glasses

Round glasses have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years! Affectionately known as Harry Potter glasses for their signature shape, we think this style of frame does hold a little bit of magic because they’ve certainly cast a spell over us!

A very versatile shape when it comes to styling; they can elevate a casual look of oversized jumpers and jeans but also pull together a suave business outfit with ease. They are best suited to faces with prominent or sharp features as they can slightly soften them creating a more balanced appearance.

Shop round glasses Shop round glasses

1. Colours

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing your frame colour. Seasonal trends can play a part – so we often see brighter colours and extravagant patterns make their way to our faces in the summer months, while more understated, darker frames find their place in winter.

However, when selecting your frame colour your skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and personal style are all contributing factors. Those with olive or dark complexions can cast their gaze wide as most colours will suit their skin tone, while pops of colour can be a great compliment to the depths of dark brown eyes.

Why not try this beautiful pair from the new CAROLINA HERRERA collection “Fun in the Sun” that features tortoise shell glasses.

Shop Carolina Herrera In Store Shop Carolina Herrera In Store

Those with paler complexions and pink undertones can often find lighter colours are more complimentary to their skin while dark frames, particularly black can wash them out more. Semi- translucent frames can be a great way to add colour to your look without the harsh contrast.

If you do have a pale complexion, the current pastel sunglasses trend may not have caught your eye previously –worried that the light colours will not suit you. However, the truth is quite the opposite! Blondes, redheads, and those with fair complexions look good in pale blue, and soft greens such as mint or sage and soft pink glasses as shown below:

Shop the look Shop the look

Check out our style guide for even more tips on picking your frame style according to your features.

3. Colours

1. Clear frame

Clear frame glasses are one of the most popular eyewear trends emerging this season. They provide a blank canvas to unleash your creativity and personal style upon. You’ll never worry about colour clashing or hiding away your masterful eye makeup, plus their reflective qualities give your eyes an extra sparkle.

Shop Clear Frame Shop Clear Frame

2. Aviator Glasses

It’s not unusual for aviator frames to make their way to the spotlight in the summer. A signature pair can pull together a simple T-shirt and jeans look to create a stylish outfit. With the release of the new Top Gun movie, the love of aviator sunglasses is renewed – so expect this trend take off once more!

Double-bridge frames

We know that trends all come back around – the return of low rise jeans can attest to that! Let yourself be tempted by the 70's sunglasses and glasses style! This summer, we see many styles abundant in the 1970s making their way back to the spotlight.

Shop Aviator Glasses Shop Aviator Glasses

To get the 70's sunglasses trend look, Ray ban is THE brand of choice.

Why not pop in to your nearest store to check our large range of Ray Ban sunglasses?

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3. Gogy glasses

Gogy glasses are a style of sunglasses with large, round, white frames and dark lenses, named by rapper Denzel Curry but iconically worn by rocker Kurt Cobain in the 1990s.

More recently, many celebrities have adopted this vintage, edgy style by wearing gogy glasses. From mainstream rappers, to Instagram influencers and soft rock, pop, artist like Harry Styles; gogy glasses are seducing more and more people.

Good news for the gogy glasses fans, Carolina Herrera is offering us a marvellous white pair this summer with its newest collection “fun in the sun”

The pink tinted lenses of this frame gives a very stylish and adventurous side to the trend and have definitely won us over!

Want to give gogy glasses a try? You can find these glasses along with the rest of Carolina Herrera sunglasses in store!

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4. Wire Frame Glasses

Delicate and discreet, wire frame glasses are one of the top glasses trends of 2022 with many respected designer brands endorsing the look. You’ll find a version of the trend in many of the collections emerging this season, from lightweight gold metal frames to oversized, thick rimmed styles, there is a metal frame to suit all!

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Shop the Look Shop the Look


A season filled with style possibility, summer is the perfect time to experiment with your style. Our all additional pairs half price offer means you can get more looks for less. Find your nearest store to shop today – or buy online to get the perfect pair straight to your door!

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