Darker nights need clearer vision

The end of summer, and its longer, lighter evenings, can leave some drivers dreading the darker months to come. With the Blinding glare of headlights and poor weather conditions, driving in the autumn and winter months can be challenging, especially if you wear glasses.

Our confidence can take a knock, with the most common issues spec wearing drivers experience being poor visibility in low light and bad weather, dazzling headlights, and problems focusing when switching between the road, mirrors and dashboard.

Whether you drive for work or pleasure, here are a few tips that’ll help you see better in the changing seasons:

  • Clean your windscreen and mirrors to prevent dirt. They can cause haloes and reflections
  • Clean your glasses before driving
  • Don’t be tempted to wear yellow tinted night driving glasses or tinted lenses – they can actually make your vision worse!
  • Have your eyes checked regularly. Even if you don’t think there’s been a change in your sight, you should get your eyes tested every two years* Especially as we get older, as the lenses inside our eyes lose their transparency, which can cause more glare when driving at night
  • If you wear glasses, ask about driving lenses. They can help reduce glare in low light and make it easier to shift focus between road, mirrors and dashboard

M&S Opticians have both Nikon and Zeiss driving lenses, two of the world leading lens manufacture’s. Made for driving, you’ll find long and short journeys more comfortable and you’ll gain back your confidence when driving at night. 

*depending on your age and the condition of your eye health, you may need more regular eye tests.