Types of hearing aids

Hearing Aid Styles

Gone are the days of bulky analogue hearing aids, today we have digital hearing aids that can be moulded to match the exact shape of your inner ear. And rather than just increasing the volume of all sounds around you modern digital hearing aids can filter out noises, giving you a less overwhelming journey into hearing everyday sounds.

There are two main types of hearing aid, those that sit behind the ear and those that are fitted inside the ear.

With so many options available, we've put together a guide to help you better understand each type of hearing aid.


Receiver in the canal (RIC)

Sitting behind the ear, Receiver in the canal hearing aids contain a microphone and amplifier. The amplifier is on the end of a thin wire that is placed within the ear. A great option for mild to severe hearing loss, this type of hearing aid is available in different shapes and colour - depending on if you'd like your hearing aid to be discreet or standout.


Behind the ear (BTE)

As you can guess from the name, behind the ear models sit exactly where it suggests - behind the ear. Like RIC hearing aids, they come with a thin wire that sits within the ear. However, unlike the RIC, the amplifier sits in the case behind the ear and sound travels through the wire into the ear. They're great for people who have limited dexterity.


In the ear (ITE)

Worn completely in the ear or ear canal, in the ear models are custom fit to the shape of the wearer's ear. Offering a discreet, comfortable and often technology compatible hearing aid, in the ear hearing aids are great for glasses wearers, but not necessarily for those with dexterity issues.


Completely in the canal (CIC)

A popular option if you lead an active lifestyle, or want a hearing aid that's discreet, completely in the canal hearing aids are small and almost unnoticeable from most angles. They're custom fitted to the shape of the wearer's ears. Due to their size, additional features can be limited.

To understand which type of hearing aid fits bests with your lifestyle, book an appointment with our Hearing Aid Audiologist - they'll be able to talk you through your options and answer any questions you may have.


Hearing Aid Features

There's a lot of choice when it comes to picking the right hearing aids for you. With products that can connect directly to your mobile - making phone calls easier to hear or translating new languages. As well as invisible models that make it hard to spot you're even wearing a hearing aid and rechargeable options that take the hassle out of remembering to change the batteries.



We understand that wearing hearing aids can come with some concerns. With our invisible range, you can enjoy all the benefits of better hearing, without feeling self-conscious.

Invisible hearing aids fit into the ear canal, meaning they can't be seen in the outer ear. These tiny, discrete hearing aids are usually custom-fitted to the wearer's own ear shape and hearing needs.
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With rechargeable hearing aids, you can take the hassle out of changing your batteries every few days. You simply place your hearing aids in their chargeable port overnight and when you wake up in the morning they're ready to go - so you never need to change a battery again.

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Bluetooth/Smartphone compatible

The technological advances in hearing aids have come a long way from their humble beginnings. With Bluetooth enabled hearing aids you can connect directly to your Apple or Android smartphone. This allows you to control your hearing aids via an app. Perhaps you've entered a room with more background noise? You can change the setting right there, on your phone. It makes taking phone calls, even in the busiest places, a breeze. And you'll never need headphones to listen to music through your phone again, just play it directly to your hearing aids.

There's even the option to translate languages through your hearing aids onto your phone. So you'll never need to worry if you don't speak the same language when you go on holiday.

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