Picking the right frames for your style

There are so many factors to consider when buying a new pair of glasses – are they comfortable? Do they suit my face shape? Will they fall off when I’m frantically searching the floor for something I’ve just dropped?

And for the fashion focused amongst us, we’re sure you’ll also be asking, do my frames complement my outfits? In an ideal world we’d have a frame for every occasion, but we understand this isn’t always possible – as much as we wish we could match our frames to every colour combination imaginable! So we’ve put together a few tips to help you pick the right frame when looking for your latest pair of specs!


Are you going through a beige phase? Do you have a passion for pink? When you’re looking at what can sometimes be an overwhelming amount of styles and colours, it’s good to keep in mind what you own in your wardrobe. Then you can pick out complementary colours – or if you’re still unsure, you can ask a member of our team for their advice – the more information you can give us, the better we’ll be able to help you make the right selection for you.


If you love a certain pair of earing or have an addiction to headbands, consider how these accessories will look with your new frames. There are two ways to do this, if you’ve fallen in love with a pair of frames, why not work your accessories around them – perhaps you already own some that would suit or you’re happy to find new ones. If you religiously wear the same pair of silver dangly earrings, day in day out, perhaps pick your frames around them – maybe look for a silver metal frame or give rimless glasses a go.


Most importantly, especially if you’re selecting a frame for everyday wear, make sure you feel confident wearing them. You want your glasses to be an extension of your own, unique style. So if you love big, bold blue frames or clashing colours – do it! But if you prefer understated, chic style then find a frame that embodies that look.

Glasses are as personal an accessory as a necklace or new bag and offer us another way to express ourselves. Here at M&S opticians we’re always happy to help you find your perfect frame. If you need any advice, pop into your local store and one the team will talk you through your options.