Stye and Chalazion

What is a stye?

Styes are bacterial infections in the oil gland or hair follicle on your eye lid, which causes them to get clogged. They’re quite common and should clear up on their own within a couple of weeks.

What is a chalazion?

A chalazion is a small, slow developing lump or cyst on the eye lid. They are usually not painful and tend to only last a couple of weeks.

What is the treatment?

To help reduce the swelling, soak a clean flannel in warm water and hold it against the eye for 5-10 minutes and then repeat this 3 or 4 times a day.

You should avoid wearing contact lenses and any eye make-up until the eye has completely healed. It is really important that you do not try to burst or remove the eyelash yourself as this could cause further infection.


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