What is hypermetropia?

Hypermetropia is the medical term for ‘long-sightedness’, which means that you can see things in the distance clearly, but things up close look blurry or out of focus.

It usually affects those of us aged over 40, but it can occur at all ages.

What to look out for

Signs to look out for usually include:

  • Finding it difficult to read a book up close - the writing may appear blurry.
  • Squinting or straining your eyes to see nearby objects clearly.
  • Experiencing headaches.

What causes Hypermetropia?

Hypermetropia happens when your eyeball can’t focus the light onto the retina at the back of the eye properly, causing things to appear blurry.

It’s still unclear about what may cause this issue, but in some cases it can be hereditary or it may be that the lenses in your eyes are getting stiffer as you get older and less able to focus.



If you think you may be long-sighted you should book an appointment for an eye test.

An Optometrist will run through various tests to understand whether a prescription is needed to correct any long-sightedness. If required, glasses or contact lenses will be prescribed. 

You may be entitled to eyecare on the NHS, if you are under 16, over 60 or receiving certain benefits. You can find out more about NHS Eye Care here.


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