Double Vision

What is double vision?

Double vision is when you look at one object, but it appears as you can see two. It’s possible for it to affect either 1 or both eyes. It’s sometimes referred to as diplopia and isn’t usually serious, however it’s important that you get it checked at your opticians, even if it comes and goes.

How do I know if I have a problem?

When both eyes (binocular) are affected it can indicate a squint, due to the muscles or nerves making the eyes look in slightly different directions.

This is more common in children but can also be present in adults, however squinting in adults can possibly indicate a more serious issue. If you are experiencing squinting be sure to get it checked by your optician or GP.

What is the treatment?

The best course of action for double vision is to consult your optician or your GP. They’ll be able to advise you the best course of treatment once they work out the cause.


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